About Us

Welcome! We are so happy to share our photos with you. Our goal is for you to feel that you are taking a walk in the  countryside or on a sports field, and seeing the landscape in a different way...in a Spell-It-Out-Photos way. We hope you enjoy the journey. See how a chair lift in the Sierras creates a striking T, or an old country fence forms a rustic H, or perhaps how the a baseball bat and its shadow creates a V.  We invite you to take our photographs and create a unique and personal photo letter art creation from our Countryside, Sports, and Winter images.

Let us introduce ourselves…

Sue About

Sue Tenerowicz. I was born and raised in California. I’ve been fortunate to experience life on the East Coast as well, but I feel at home by the San Francisco Bay.

I was introduced to letter art while in college.  I had a photography class assignment that was to go out in the world and find letters that the world created.  Then I was to spell something.  A simple idea, but the concept stuck with me.

I’ve always used words in pictures to send a special message. Sometimes, it was a message written in the snow, captured in a photo, and sent to a loved one. Other times it was an “I Love You,” written in the sand to capture a beautiful testament with a glowing sunset on the beach.

When I moved back to the Bay Area with my family, I started noticing the letters that were all around us – like the great H on the span of the Golden Gate Bridge. I kept seeing letters in everything from fences to flowers.  It brought me back to that college assignment.  However, this time, I was at the right place in life to do something with the idea.

When I met Lynn, I knew that together, we had the ability to create a successful business and share the letters that I saw every day. Besides, we have so much fun doing this together!

Lynn About

Lynn Champagne. I was born in Berkeley California but had the wonderful opportunity of moving to the foothills at a very young age. Growing up in Three Rivers, CA, at the foothills of Sequoia National Park, my life was filled with hiking, swimming and fishing. While hiking with friends and family we often passed by old barns, broken down fences and lots and lots of rusty stuff. For some reason I always wanted to collect the “stuff” I found but didn’t know quite what to do with it.

After teaming up with Sue, I found the perfect way to preserve those collectibles I was never able to actually collect; in photographs. I now have photographs of rusty barbed wire and old barns adorning my walls, yet not cluttering my home with the “real” thing. What a perfect fusion.

For the past 19+ years I have been living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have owned a virtual graphic design business, Champagne Design, since 1997.

I truly hope you enjoy our images and have fun playing with our letters to create a unique message that is meaningful to you.





Best Online Business from Diablo Magazine.


Our very own Lynn Champagne awarded Small Business of the Year for her "other job," Champagne Design, her graphic design business that she founded in 1997. We are so proud of her. Read the write up here.


Our children's book, Let's Go On A Letter Hunt, was published in 2015.

This "Suessical" adventure takes the young reader on a marvelous journey of rhyming and hunting for letters from A-Z. The fun loving alphabet guide, Alphie, leads the reader / listener up trees, on beaches, into parks, and many other fun places where the alphabet is hiding, in plain view.



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