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This "Seussical" adventure takes your young reader on a marvelous journey of rhyming and hunting for letters from A-Z. The fun loving alphabet guide, Alphie, leads the way up trees, on beaches, into parks, and many other fun places where various letters of the alphabet are hiding—in plain view.

The creative letter art photography by Spell-It-Out Photos shows children that if they look past the obvious, they can find letters in everyday objects. Letter hunting is a fun treasure hunt that can be incorporated into any activity, indoor or out.

Between the antics of the main character, Alphie, the rhythmic stanzas, and the letter art photography, this fun and interactive book engages young readers from beginning to end. Plus, make sure to read the letter hunt chant at the end of the book. It's a fun song to sing while out on a letter hunt of your own!


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AbouttheBook  Looking Past the Obvious
Our photography is based on a simple concept; look past the obvious. It's also a wonderful exercise for children. Encourage them to find letters as you go on walks or in the classroom. Looking past the obvious is a wonderful life lesson too.

•  When there is an issue that seems difficult to resolve, look past the obvious answer for solutions.

•  When you meet someone new, look past the obvious (the surface) to really get to know the person.

•  When struggling to be creative, look past the obvious for a new direction.

Utilize this simple concept as a bridge to start conversations and discuss deeper issues.
In our photography, we at first try to broaden our view, to see all options. This is a fabulous concept that works in MANY situations.  The idea is to look all around to see the BIG picture - to take it all in.  For situations other than photography, it applies to opening your mind to see the big picture (social, academic, etc.) 

There are times though, that we need to narrow our view in order to find a letter.   We take the big picture and look past the obvious (a tree on the shore of the beach) and look more closely (the tree trunk that is shaped like an R) to find the letter. We narrow our view and find an angle that removes much of the background clutter. We tend to call it visual noise for our type of photography. Once we do all of this, the letter just POPS!   For situations other than photography, this applies to looking past the obvious (that new kid in class looks mean) and narrowing your view (that new kid is probably scared and maybe sad because he miss his old friends OR maybe the new kid is mad because he thinks all the other kids are not coming up to him. Maybe he just needs a smile or a wave to change).  This exercise helps to identify many possibilities that are right in front of our faces.

We tend to use both. We look all around for inspiration (broaden) then narrow our view to find the letters.