Unique Wedding Accessories



 SignedGuestBook guest book frame is a wonderful alternative to the traditional guest book. Guests simply sign the mat as they enter the reception or you can have a bridesmaid or groomsmen carry it around the reception hall.

Our unique letter art images are used to spell the couple's last name. Their first names are in text above the images and the wedding date is below.  Not only does it serve as a beautiful wedding day decor piece, it will be a wonderful addition to the newlywed's home and can hang on the wall as a reminder of their special day.
Guest Book Frames range from $200 - $570 based on size and materials selected.



Event Table Markers 
10" x 4" x 1" Wood Stand Alone Two-Sided Table Number Marker, Beveled Edges.

Available in Countryside, Wine or Baseball Motif. Numbers run from 1-99.

$25.00 each


A simple letter art piece with traditional framing can create a unique touch to a ceremony, reception, or shower. Use it as decor or give it as the gift. Easy to create with multiple mat and frame options, makes it fun to customize for the event.  Frames range from $155 - $265 based on size and materials selected.


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Quote plaques are as versitle as they are beautiful. They can serve many purposes for a wedding. They give a personal touch as a wedding gift. They can make a one-of-kind bridesmaid gift.  You can use them as table signs (the images and text are up to you). OR perhaps a as nice thank you to the parents that helped with the event.

Standard sizes are offered on the website based on length of word created with our letter images.  However, we can adjust the size accordingly to make a custom size just for you.
Quote Plaques range from $57 - $90 based on size and materials selected.


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Our acrylic blocks are fun accent pieces.  Use them around the reception hall for a little color or whimsey, spelling various words (love, welcome, forever, magic, etc.) and then let your guests take them home. You can also use them along with your table centerpieces to add a personal message to each table. 

A panoramic photo is printed and placed inside the 1/2" acrylic panels to create a 1" thick block. It stands nicely on it's own without the need of support.
3-5 Letters = $30  6-10 Letters = $50


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