Acrylic Word Blocks

Having distinct art in your home or giving the gift of letter art photography starts online at Spell-It-Out Photos. Our business offers acrylic word blocks featuring our alphabet photography in two sizes: short ones that are 6”x4”x1” (3 to 4 letters) or long ones that are 10”x4”x1” (5 to 10 letters.) Letter sizes vary according to the length of your word. To further customize your piece, you can choose a black, white, sepia, pink, or blue background.


"...can I have one for my birthday or Christmas that says my name on it?" Michael M., Moraga, CA


About the Product 

They come in two sizes:

Short Ones - 6 x 4 x 1 (3-4 Letters)

Long Ones -10 x 4 x 1 (5-10 Letters)

Letter sizes vary according to the length of your word.



Check 'em out!!

Two thick 1/2 inch panels of flawlessly clear acrylic, held firmly together with two obscure magnets, encase your letter art photography creation in an artistic multi-dimensional manner.


The best part is...

You can change your Image to the season, your occasion, or your mood. Just pop the two sides apart and change the alphabet photography image. There is absolutely no distortion of the images through the clear panels. Images from Spell-It-Out Photos are satin laminated to eliminate scratching from the magnet holders.

Available with:

Black, White, Sepia, Pink and Blue Backgrounds

Actylic Word Blocks

Dimension & Pricing

6x4Piece $45          6 x 4 x 1          3-4 Letters*
10x4Piece $65 10 x 4 x 1 5-10 Letters*

*Letter sizes vary according to length of word


  Acrylic Block 1 inch solid acrylic photo inserted magnetic frame