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About the Product

Are you interested in purchasing letter art photography selections from Spell-It-Out Photos? We are proud to offer our unique selections in color, black and white, and sepia tone. These amazing original alphabet photography pieces were taken by photographers Sue Jaeger and Lynn Champagne and are exclusive to Spell-It-Out Photos. You won't find a single image turned on its side to make a letter. We believe in photo integrity, if you can't make a letter with the correct horizon, it is not letter art to be used.

When you place an order for our individual alphabet photographs pieces, you can create your own letter art displays at home. Take a look at the spectacular letter art photography options we have to offer and order online! Many people have been satisfied with our art and we know you’ll be happy with our photographs as well.

Individual Photos


3.5 x 5 ($4)

4 x 6 ($6)

5 x 7 ($8)

8 x 10 ($10)

11 x 14 ($12)



Invid Images

Ordering is Simple

Click on Letter Gallery at the top of the page. Select a letter from our gallery. Click on the image. A pop up window will appear giving you choices for your photo size. 




Available in Color                     Black & White                   Sepia Tone

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