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Metal-Pano V2

". . . Just wanted to let you know I opened the piece I ordered from you today and I absolutely LOVE it!!! It's beautiful...and everyone at work loves it too" Kim, Toledo, OH




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About the Product

When you are seeking a different kind of letter art selections, you have a wide array of options at Spell-It-Out Photos. Our unique design options include metal prints. When you select this art, you’’ be able to spell your name with pictures, create special designs for a gift featuring pictures of letters, or just create a special work of art for your home that you won’t see in retail stores. Each piece features our letter photography printed directly on aluminum that will add that certain “je ne sais quoi” to any space.

Our business is dedicated to making amazing letter art that will last for many years. These pieces are perfect for indoor spaces that are out of direct sunlight. Read about this amazing art options and place an order today. You can spell your name with pictures or make a special gift for someone you care about with pictures of letters when you order one of our metal prints.

Ranging in size from

Print -  7" x 5" 

Small Panoramics 9" x 5"  to 27.5" x 5"

Large Panoramics 14.5" x 8" to 44.25" x 8"

Printed on sturdy aluminum in high definition gloss. See size and pricing chart below.




Ready to hang  with a 1/2 inch float mount bracket that makes the piece "float" off the wall giving it additional dimension and interest.



Side view


Printing on Metal, well aluminum actually!

Even more precise: 045" (about a 1mm), specially coated, dye-infused aluminum sheets. The result; an almost magical luminescence that will add additional bling to any room.

Did I mention, they are waterproof and have an ultra-hard scratch resistant coating?

Images printed with this process will last for generations when displayed indoors and out of direct sunlight.

Like any fine art print, do not expose your print to direct sunlight or high outdoor temperatures.

Since every sheet of aluminum is not without flaw there is a possibility of small imperfections on the surface of your piece. Maybe a small dimple or such.


Metal Prints

Dimension & Pricing




9 x 5

14.5 x 8

3 Letters




11.75 x 5

18.75 x 8

4 Letters




14.5 x 5

23 x 8

5 Letters




17 x 5

27.25 x 8

6 Letters




19.75 x 5

31.5 x 8

7 Letters




22.25 x 5

35.75 x 8

8 Letters




25 x 5

40 x 8

9 Letters




27.5 x 5

44.25 x 8

10 Letters